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4 STEM Features You Need to Consider When Writing Your Erasmus+ Project

It has now become clear that with the development of technology nowadays comes a growing demand for new technology skills. The newer generations are slowly adapting to trends as teachers should do. If you don't know how to find yourself in the new world as a tutor yet, STEM education may be the answer to your new needs.


STEM education is becoming bolder in primary schools and kindergartens. All thanks to properly prepared aids and educational materials. STEM is simply an acronym of four words – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Recently, it has also been expanded to include Art, which makes it STEAM. The most important assumption of the method is to combine these fields to explore the potential of the students and explore their strengths.

---> Read this article by Forbes if you are interested in how it works.

The biggest advantages of STEAM is learning based on research, critical thinking, curiosity, resilience, problem-solving, collaboration and confidence. Every single thing is extremely important when it comes to children and students.

The whole idea accompanying the lessons and the STEAM approach is asking questions, the really deep questions. The biggest support here might be art. Arts education helps students learn transferable skills. And hey! It makes learning more fun and keeps children engaged.

You might wonder: "how to combine art and science?"

Well, here is the answer.

Innovation always comes with ideas. Technology does not exist without design. Both artists and scientists strive to see the world in new ways and to communicate that vision. Both art and science pave the way to search for solutions. This is why exploring new, creative ways of problem-solving is so important.

Are you still not convinced?

This approach to learning is certainly not an easy task, but the benefits for students and the entire school community are enormous. Students and teachers involved in STEAM make more real contacts. Thanks to this, school is not a place where we go only to learn, but becomes a whole learning experience. Also, STEM might be very helpful when it comes to children that do not “fit in the box”. In fact, if you're dealing with unexpected school issues, this article could be for you.

THE SUPERPOWERS OF STEM | by Stephany Hill | TEDxMidAtlantic


The 4 most important features of children's education with STEAM are:

  1. Creativity

  • We put emphasis on creativity because it is a way of creation, and we want our children to be able to create and change things. Thanks to learning unconventional thinking and problem solving, they will have a chance to succeed in adult life.

  1. Curiosity

  • Curiosity is a natural feature of children. The school should fuel it, and the most attractive way to do this is to use the right tools with the right support. Let children acquire knowledge and understand how programs, devices and robots work.

  1. Innovation

  • Innovation Innovation is a word that we associate with programming, and rightly so. Learning to programm will allow students to understand the world in which they live and will give a direct impact on things in their environment.

  1. Individuality

  • Individuality is an understanding that just as we are physically different, our characteristics and predispositions differ. While working, students can find themselves in one of the components of STEAM education by building structures like an engineer, designing graphics for the program, coding, doing experiments in the field of nature or choosing the right materials for the planned construction. We all know that strength lies in the team, where everyone has their own tasks and achieves goals together.

STEM learning has become crucial to developing the next generation. As they enter the workforce these transferable skills will be necessary. No matter if they become designers, engineers or analysts, STEAM education helps students of all backgrounds develop innovative mindsets with the ability to create and think creatively.

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Good luck on your projects from the Erasmusnet team!

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