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The deadline is approaching and you might be about to write down the IMPACT that you envision your project to have. This section is one of the most important ones in your project. You have to make sure that evaluators see that your project has a REAL IMPACT on individuals, organisations and society. “The effects could be positive or negative, intentional or accidental, short or long-term.”

1st: Make sure you jot down who are all of your stakeholders and check, one by one, what could be the impact of your project on them!

Impact is the effect that the activity carried out and its results have on people, practices, organizations and systems. Dissemination and exploitation of results plans can help to maximize the effect of the activities being developed so that they will impact on the immediate participants and partners for years to come. Benefits to other stakeholders should also be considered in order to make a bigger difference and get the most from the project.

In this section you should discuss how your Erasmus+ project will / may have an impact on all those who might be directly or indirectly touched by your project idea:

  • Learners;

  • Staff;

  • Whole organisation/institution;

  • The Local Community or a specific segment of it;

  • Wider School/organization/institution Network.

Here are some examples, which you can take into account event simply for the sentence structure that you can propose with your own content:




CITATION: https://www.agence-erasmus.fr/docs/2351_diffusion_impact-en-(2).pdf

Keep in mind that “Good projects will look further than just the individual but widen the impact of their activities by supporting the transfer of knowledge across departments, schools and into the wider community or even at a European level.”

ORDER TO CRAFT YOUR IMPACT SECTION you might want to click on the following link and see what the UK National Agency has set out to help you: https://www.erasmusplus.org.uk/impact-assessment-resources

Good luck with your project!...and if you are still looking for partners, don't hesitate to check us out and send us an email at info@erasmusnet.org.


Erasmusnet Team