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You are half-way though! You are now confronted with the ACTIVITIES section, which will set the basis of your project implementation. Remember, this section is split into four sub-sections. There is a 5,000 character limit for each sub-section.

IMPORTANT TIP: This is a section that you might want to re-read before submitting to make sure that the information you have entered reflects the ACTIVITIES number and the BUDGET that you have later inserted and requested.

QUESTION 1: Please outline chronologically the main activities you plan to organise. If relevant, please describe the role of each project partner and/or consortium members in the activities.

Here, you should detail all PLANNED ACTIVITIES and outline ROLES/RESPONSIBILITIES of staff members per each activity planned.

  • Where will staff go?

  • “detail the name of the city or town etc staff intend to travel to. This will assist National Agency staff when checking distance bands and budget requests you enter later in the form.”

  • What will staff do whilst they are abroad? What is the agenda for the mobility?

  • What type of course will staff attend? What classes will your staff teach? What type of classes will staff job shadow? or any other activity related to your application?

  • What is the rational for including these activities? Why these activities in particular?

  • How will this approach help your organisation(s) achieve the overall project objective?

  • Will staff engage in any extra-curricular activities in their spare time whilst on mobility?

QUESTION 2: If applicable, how do you intend to cooperate and communicate with your project partners and/or consortium members and other relevant stakeholders?

Here, you should provide information about how do you intend to communicate and collaborate effectively with your partners and stakeholders:

QUESTION 3: How will the participants be monitored during their training placement? Who will monitor their work programme and progress?

At this point, you need to describe your strategy for monitoring project implementation and progress.

  • What are your measures for progress?

  • Will you conduct pre departure and post mobility activities to compare progress? (e.g. questionnaires, interview or assessment).

  • How will you record progress?

  • Who will be responsible for monitoring and recording individuals work programmes and progress?

  • How will participants track and record their own learning?

  • How often will you measure progress and learning?

QUESTION 4: If applicable, please explain the need for accompanying persons.

If you are planning the participation of people with special needs, you can apply for extra funding for accompanying persons. Here, you should provide all the info about these accompanying persons.


"You will need to enter all activities or ‘flows’ for your project here. [...] If you are applying for more than one type of target group within the same application, you should click the ‘Add Activity’ button then enter the relevant information. [...] Each individual flow (to a different destination or for a different duration) under each activity must be entered. Flows to different destinations, or for different durations but for the same activity type, should be added under the same activity number (A1, A2 etc.) but added individually by using the ‘+’ and ‘-' buttons. The total number of participants for this activity type (from all flows) will then be automatically calculated underneath each activity." (UK National Agency, 2018)

  • TO CALCULATE TRAVEL: Use the Distance Band Calculator!

  • TRAVEL DAYS: A maximum of two days can be added to each mobility for travelling.

For more info on inserting activities please consult the programme guide!

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Good luck!

- Erasmusnet