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When confronted with an empty Erasmus+ project application, we all get that weird OMG feeling! However, don't worry, today, in this blog post we will go through all the most important tips and tricks you need to know to complete the EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT PLAN (EDP) section D.!

Let's start!

This section requires very detailed information regarding your organisation’s needs and plans for EU mobility. Also, it requires a further reflection on HOW you will include the acquired information and skills into the greater strategic development of your organization, especially for what concerns quality and internationalization processes.

Obviously, if you are applying as a consortium, you will need to reply to the above mentioned questions as a consortium and not anymore as an individual organization.

The purpose of the EDP is to make sure that the activities that you are planning in your mobility have a relevance not only for the individual participant, for an individual well-being, but especially for the entire organization or consortium. It is also to ensure that the planned activities will have a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning provided by the applicant organisation/consortium and should demonstrate that the proposed activities are in line with the wider EU/International strategy of your organization or consortium.

What should you do in this section then?

"In this section, you should therefore provide a strategic view of the organisation’s/consortium’s plans for European activities. This will include an overview of the current status and vision for the future, identified needs, and how the planned activities will address these needs." (Erasmus+ UK, 2018 v.6)

This section is broken down into 3 sections:

What are the needs of the consortium in terms of quality development and internationalization? Please specify for each consortium member, identifying the main areas for improvement (for example management competences, staff competences, new teaching methods or tools, European dimension, language competences, curriculum, the organisation of teaching and learning).

In this box you need to address the NEEDS of your organisation/consortium and the PRIORITIES you have set for your improvement in those areas that you are targeting in the application. You should make sure to specify:

1. why are you focusing on these specific areas (why not others?)

2. how do those specific areas of concern fit in your organisation’s/consortium’s existing plan for development?

---> If applying as a consortium, this will refer to the consortium.

Please outline the consortium’s plans for European mobility and cooperation activities, and explain how these activities will contribute to meeting the identified needs of each consortium member.

In this box, you need to address how the activities that you are planning in your project will contribute to the objectives that you have outlined in the previous box. Make sure that you specify why in both the short and long term. the activities you have selected are the most effective ones to meet your organization's needs. Be clear on WHO will benefit, how many staff or learners will be impacted

Please explain how the competences and experiences acquired by staff participating in the project will be integrated into the strategic development of each consortium member and of the consortium as a whole?

In this other box, you need to explain how you will intend to disseminate and integrate, tangibly, all project outputs and skills acquired. You should invest in been very very specific. You should make sure to describe how the participants will share skills, knowledge acquired and best practices at all stages of project management: before, during and after. Be clear also on specifying how knowledge/skills/project outputs will be integrated effectively into the everyday scheduled activities of your organization or consortium.

Obviously, these should be linked back to the objectives in box #1.

If this is a CONSORTIUM PROJECT, you should refer to the strategic development of each consortium member, as well as the consortium as a UNITY.

Will your organization use one of the following tools in connection with your mobility project?

Here, you are asked to select from a list which tools you are going to use among eTwinning, The School Education Gateway, EPALE. This section is not compulsory. However, FYI the most relevant tool for a Key Action 1 Adult Education Mobility project will be EPALE.

If your are writing a project for the mobility of students or staff, don't forget that Erasmusnet can help you with the management of your mobility programme in 7 locations across Europe!

If you need suggestions or just want to plan your mobility with us contact our reference person PAOLA PANFILI at info@erasmusnet.org and, if you like, book a Skype call!

Hugs and best luck on your project from the Erasmusnet team!

- Erasmusnet