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SECTION C.1.3 sets the basis of your capacity to manage the project you are writing. Although, it might seem just a minor section, it is instead an important one. Here are a few elements you might want to consider to include:

If you are a school:

  1. The history of the school;

  2. The type of school;

  3. The number & demographic of staff and pupils;

  4. Inspectorate evaluation information;

  5. Any other information that might be relevant to the application. Ex. If your project is about INTERCULTURALITY, write more about how this is an impelling issue in your school: # of students coming from diverse backgrounds, recent immigration flows and so on.

If you are an institution or a consortium:

  1. The history of the institution;

  2. The type of organization it is;

  3. The organization/s relation to school education and schools in general;

  4. The number and demographic of staff;

  5. Any other information that might be relevant to the application as above.

You might want to think about organizing the content in the box, so to start a NEW PARAGRAPH every time you are responding to a new question. This will allow you to review quickly each box to make sure you didn’t miss anything and the evaluator can see you have inserted all the elements he is looking for!

For the following question:

"How are the activities and experiences of your organization in the areas relevant for this application?"

make sure to detail:

  • previous experience in delivering projects;

  • detail if some of the teachers involved in the project have done any work, experience (like participated in conferences or attended courses) that have been able to build skills and knowledge needed to organize/propose/carry out the activities that will be later on presented;

  • is this a project format that you have delivered before? -- If it is not, don’t worry. You will later have to underline why this specific action and sub-actions are needed for your staff especially in the DEVELOPMENT PLAN box and in the DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT box!

We really hope this first tip was useful to you.

- ErasmusNet Staff