Become part of the greatest Erasmus+ mobility network in Europe. This network is for those who are already in the European project field and intend to improve their skills and expand their partnership. For those who need side by side services at the start-up level of their organisation, as well as specific trainings in the field. For those who, in addition to the basic and specific training sectors, need the services of advanced stategic consulting and management. 


In a cooperation perspective, the Network wants to identify itself as a 

central hub to boost exchange and motivation to 

establish project partnerships between its members. Your organization, once member, will receive premium rates if it exchanges mobility flows of participants within the


flow provider

The Network will play the role of "flow provider" and will commit to redirect towards the affiliated institutions any specific requests and mobility flow coming from other entities

not belonging to the Network.

marketing coordinator

The Affiliated institutions will benefit from a

common-centralized strategy, combining

direct, social and digital marketing. This will

help your institution get new contacts, new

partnerships and new incoming flows.

pcm center

 The Network will also be a center of stimulus and propulsion for Erasmus+ project planning and management, involving and

including in the proposals all those organizations affiliated to the Network. This is to stimulate mutual growth and provide a greater return for everyone. 

trademark & territorial exclusivity

The Affiliate 

organizations will receive the right to use the network trademark, hallmarks, labels and marketing material published by the marketing office of the network. 

Moreover, the network will grant to each new member organization the territorial exclusivity for the city in which it operates.




- Hamdi Ulukaya


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